There are many worlds and realities. Abstract painting enables me to capture these otherworldly dimensions. Each painting in the Abstract Collection is an invitation into new worlds, concepts, and perspectives.



Our hair is a cosmic web of information that grows from the crown chakra. Cosmic Hair depicts our hair as alive and connected to all that is. May we all learn to love the hair that nature gave us. This painting was a commission for the book Mama Don’t Know, a hair recipe book and collection of  stories, interviews, and myths for curly-headed people to inspire us to recognize the magic of natural hair.

oil on canvas

20 in. by 30 in.


Just like a caterpillar goes on a journey to become a butterfly, each one of us is also on our own journey to evolve into the highest versions of ourselves. Journey to Y-o-u embraces this adventure and celebrates the butterfly of infinite possibility within each of us.

acrylic on canvas

18 in. by 18 in. 

Y-O-U Are the Journey

Y-o-u Are the Journey   Acrylic on canvas  18 in. by 18 in.

Y-o-u Are the Journey 

Acrylic on canvas

18 in. by 18 in.


This painting explores the concept of reincarnation, the rebirth of a soul into a physical body. The light-colored hues billowing on the painting's outer edges depict the spiritual plane of existence. In the center, a portal dilates, opening to reveal an alternative plane of existence: planet Earth. On the portal's edge, a human figure emerges from the colors. It steps into the darkness of space and heads toward the blue and green orb of Earth, ready for another turn at the game of life.

oil on paper

12 in. by 16 in.


Flowers of Life is draped in the sacred and ancient symbol known as "the flower of life". This geometry is said to be a visual expression of the interconnectivity of all of life. The large blossomed flowers represent phenomena already realized and manifest. On the other hand, the many tiny buds symbolize matter still in the form of potential and possibility. 

oil on canvas

36 in. by 24 in. 

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