Film + Video

Film is a tool with which to share brand new perspectives, ways of thinking, and walks of life. Anatola is blessed to be studying Film and Television at the renowned NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Her aim is to tell stories that offer a new lens on race, gender, societal influences on the planet.

Director’s Reel

A selection of highlights from films, videos, and content I’ve directed, edited, and produced.

Edited by: Anatola Araba

Music by: Hunter Hanson

Light and Dark

Light and Dark Movie Poster.png

How do the forces of light and dark come into play on our planet? Journey beside two lightworkers as they travel through Bali, Indonesia and its surrounding islands in search of life's deeper truth.

Written and Directed by Anatola Araba Pabst and Naomi Pabst

This film is currently in its festival rotation and will be available online soon.


Link: The Journey-Interview with Creative Filmmaker Anatola Araba

MayBe So

maybe so cover.jpg

We live in a time of half-measured relationships; romantic sentences left on the ellipses of an unsent text message, our entire mentality codified into shades of gray, and blue, and white. Even when there’s nothing there we fail to be transparent. "MayBe So" is a song about this paralyzed state between “I want” and “I will,” and the all-too-common resignation of “We could’ve, but we didn’t."

Directed, co-edited, and featuring Anatola Araba

Symphony in the Sea

written and animated by Anatola Araba

Created in NYU’s Intro to Animation course with professor Matthew J. Christensen.

Afropunk Army Music Feature #001

animated by Araba Araba for AFROPUNK Army

Ntu is an NYC-based singer/songwriter and producer from Northern Virginia. Through sultry R&B vocals, twitchy Hip-Hop beats, and electronic experimentalism, he imagines worlds beyond whiteness. “Pile” explores this idea of generational trauma, how we inherit and deal with pain our ancestors carried. But it’s also about how we may find peace in the past as well.

New York Fashion Week 2018 Runway Show

edited by Anatola Araba for ADDY Media

Behold the unique styles of fashion designer Vivienne Tam in her runway show at Style Fashion Week in March 2018. 

Created in association with Addy Media.