Film + Video

Anatola is currently a sophomore studying Film and Television Production at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Symphony in the Sea

Written and animated by: Anatola Araba

Little Daughter

Little Daughter - Based on the African Children's Story "The Sweetest Song".

Written, directed, and edited by Anatola Araba Pabst.

The first of 5 short films created in Sight & Sound: Filmmaking at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

To meet class requirements, the film is black + white and MOS (without sound).

Dear Isaac

Peer into the psychedelic keyhole to discover the deep blue of the soul. 

A Facets Media Production

Director and Producer: William Isaac Lockhart

Cinematographer: Bryant Norman

Editor: Anatola Pabst

Wardrobe: Sean Hinkson

Afropunk Army Music Feature #001

Ntu is an NYC-based singer/songwriter and producer from Northern Virginia. Through sultry R&B vocals, twitchy Hip-Hop beats, and electronic experimentalism, he imagines worlds beyond whiteness. “Pile” explores this idea of generational trauma, how we inherit and deal with pain our ancestors carried. But it’s also about how we may find peace in the past as well.

Animated by Anatola Araba.

A Soul Drowned in Gold

Cleopatra is our lady in gold. She is radiant and moves with elegance and grace. Servants cater to her every need. However, when she hears the evil hiss of a serpent in the distance, it leads her to doubt the value of her life as she knows it.

Produced in Cidney Hue's Sight and Sound: Filmmaking class of Fall 2018 at NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

New York Fashion Week 2018 Runway Show

Behold the unique styles of fashion designer Vivienne Tam in her runway show at Style Fashion Week in March 2018. 

Filmed with broadcast media company, Addy Media.

Edited by: Anatola Araba

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