I believe imagination is the greatest tool of humanity. By utilizing this tool, young artists such as myself will usher in more evolved ways of thinking, being, and seeing, and in the process increase the harmony, peace, and freedom for all beings in the world.


Art is my euphoria. I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. I have had my work shown in several galleries and art shows throughout New York City. I collaborated on and am featured in ‘The Council’, a series of photos recently acquired into the permanent collection of MoMA the Museum of Modern Art. I also participated in three different internship experiences at the MoMA in New York City.

I am currently studying my passion of Film and Television Production at the renown Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. I graduated in 2016 from LaGuardia High School (the FAME school) with a major in drama.

My art serves as a medium of communication. Through paint and video I convert messages of peace, liberation, oneness, spiritual concepts, and otherworldly dimensions into form. I choose to teach, heal, and inspire people through my art, and support more elevated ways of living.


Things might look bleak, outright chaotic, in our current cultural and socio-political landscape. But in truth, the circumstances we find ourselves in contain infinite possibility for the creation of something the likes of which the world has never seen. It is my mission to contribute to the creation of a future where the inherent oneness of all of life--whether other races, genders, cultures, or our environment--is acknowledged and celebrated.


My artistic abilities extend from my intuitive abilities. At the young age of two years old, I would happen to know things that would appear impossible to know. I would walk up to my mom in diapers to let her know she had to move the car, which was parked on a Boston street in Cambridge, where we lived at the time, for I knew it was going to be towed.


My sixth sense was awakened from the earliest stage of my life. This “Knowingness” I exhibited caused my mother to start down the path of her own attunement to the reality of intuitive and psychic phenomena. Eventually she left her position as an Ivy League professor to become a professional intuitive with a global clientele of thousands.


Even as I always had these intuitive abilities, as I grew in age I forgot that I did. What connected me without fail to that special place of inner Knowing was my art. Through art-making I was able to immerse myself in a land of freedom and enchantment. So much a sanctuary from the world that is so filled with conflict and a gamut of socio-cultural issues that have lingered for centuries.  


Through art, I found my own special means of creating a world of my own design, one void of the othering and dehumanization of races, genders, and entire ways of being. A world where our culture honors our planet and all beings in it. Through art-making I can access a greater world, a realm of beauty, wonder, and truth. I bring a piece of this world into every artwork I create.

Site-wide photography by Photography by Sosie Almasian (@sosie.a)

Site-wide photography by Sosie Almasian