Purpose of this Work


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My mission is to teach, heal, and inspire people through the beauty of art.

I create art that offers portals into worlds of beauty, wonder, and truth. I also work in collaboration with Naomi Pabst, PhD, former Ivy League professor + intuitive, to provide a collections of teachings through videos, online courses, and other offerings in order to serve you on your path to self-discovery.

Right now, there are so many people see through lenses of separation, discrimination, limitation, and fear. This division makes people feel lost, alone, depressed, and misunderstood. On a larger scale, our lenses of division create wars, environmental devastation, racism, gender inequality, and more. If we do not change this mindset, we will continue to have a divided world, for the root of all conflict is always a form of division. This work will offer compassion and love. It provides tools for people to discover themselves, create the change they wish to in the world, and to truly and harmoniously get along. What do you get from this?